Welcome to my new cooking blog

breadFood! Food! Food! That’s a word that everyone knows and loves! How food is cooked and seasoned plays a big role in how to make your food look and taste yummy. So how did cooking come about? Cooking has been around for a very long time and continues to be a big part of our society today. It started out that some would just boil water to purify it so that they could clean their dishes but soon boiling become a method of cooking, used for canning and pickling. One of the main things people started using cooking for was preservation but cooking has quickly become a form of creativity and entertaining for people today. Cooking has become so much part of our everyday living that there are classes you can take to better your learning and understanding about it. Some people enjoy cooking so much they have made it their career!

Using recipes is a good way to get familiar with cooking and bring new, bright idea’s into food making to make those taste buds do a little dance. There are recipes everywhere! The web, cookbooks, family, friends, the list could go on and on. Anyhow, it doesn’t take much looking to find some recipes that can send your spirits soaring. If you just Google”recipes” you will find that you have a wide variety of different recipes and how to prepare them. A lot of recipes have been created by someone who made cooking a hobby and was talented enough just to throw things together and make it look and taste great. Cooking doesn’t have to be hard! There are millions of delicious easy, simple recipes in the world today that can be made in just a matter of minutes. So roll up your sleeves and get creative, cooking can be fun!
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