How to Make Your Own Gourmet Ice Cream Cake at Home (It’s Quite Easy)!

ice-creamYou might not be able to have your cake and eat it too, yet you can certainly discover the best ways to make one!

Gone are the days when cakes were taken into consideration as something of grandeur. These days, cakes are part of a daily life, finding their means right into Sunday supper, church socials, and birthdays. Most of us assume that gourmet cakes are tough to make, but that concept is inaccurate. Premium cakes are one of the most convenient deserts to have.

Simply go on a search-engine like Google or Yahoo, and enter gourmet cakes. Click the button and you’ll locate various websites using recipes like gelato cakes, walnut mud-cakes, pear and raspberry cakes, Russian cheesecakes, Bailey’s marbled cheesecakes, chocolate peanut-butter cheesecakes, and plenty more.

I believe a lot of us understand that by utilizing crock-pots, you could make fast and simple dishes in the early morning that are ready for you when you get home from the job. Exactly how mundane. But for something absolutely amazing, you need to attempt the excellent recipes for ice-cream cakes.

Ice cream cakes are thought about as gourmet cakes given that they are something unique. They are a perfectly combined rich ice cream with smooth icing and moist cake. You can make one of these masterpieces with just a bit of imagination and some store-bought ingredients.

When you go searching for the ingredients for this cake, get fresh chocolate as garnish, fresh fruit, frozen whipped cream, your preferred flavor of ice cream, and angel food cake.

After obtaining every one of your ingredients, placed the ice cream and cake in the freezer for about 2 hours. You should thaw the icy whipped topping on the counter for a minimum of 30 minutes just prior to starting. Cut the fresh fruit and cut the chocolate right into attractive pieces to garnish the top of the cake. Remove the gelato from the freezer and thaw it for half an hour. Now get the cake from the freezer and slice it into 3 pieces, flat.

To produce your fantastic premium ice cream cake, stir the gelato with a wooden spoon up until it comes to be smooth and creamy. Spread out the gelato between the layers of cake. Once you have completed the setting up the layers, frost the outside and top of the layers with the whipped topping. Garnish the cake with the fruit and/or chocolate.

Place the cake back into the freezer till you are ready for your dinner. This premium ice cream cake is certain to please your friends and family.

Three Crockpot Recipes for Soup

soupAmong the advantages of preparing soups in crock pots is the richness of flavor from the slow food preparation procedure. Today, I am sharing with you a few fascinating crockpot dishes for soups, wonderful convenience recipes any time of the year. There is nothing better, whether you are single or with a family, than not having to stand over a hot stove and cook after a long day. The great thing about crock pots are that they can be set and you can continue with whatever else you are doing.

16 Bean soup mix
bay leaves
crushed oregano
no-fat chicken stock
Celery, chopped
Carrots, diced
Large onion, chopped
Garlic, sliced
Turkey Italian sausage
Stewed (or diced) tomatoes

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Benifits of Home Cooking

home cookingWith the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we often find ourselves
pressed for time to cook at home or to even make it to the grocery store. The convenience of fast food, takeouts, or going to a restaurant is very tempting. However, there are several reasons why cooking at home is a healthier and more favorable choice.


There are clear health benefits to eating at home that go beyond saving money. Cooking at home places unique considerations on our food choices from a nutrition standpoint. At the grocery store, we are forced to make conscious decisions about what foods we buy. While the food we eat at restaurants or fast food joints is based on what taste or sounds good, this decision leaves little room for us to think about what kind of nutrition there is in them meals for our bodies. Continue reading →

Sweet Cooking

strawberry cakeDesserts have become one of America’s favorite foods. I know it’s my favorite food! Desserts come in many different shapes, flavors, and colors. Making sweets for my family is probably one of the most enjoyable things to do. Not only do I love seeing their face when they taste it but that big yum mmm sound coming from their lips puts a big smile on my face. I love making sweet so much that I would ask my best friend who’s husband works for to come over once a week and we would do nothing but make sweets for our family.

Desserts have been around for a long time. In ancient times, people would enjoy fruit’s or nut’s drizzled with honey for a dessert. In fact, this was considered the first candy. O how times have changed! Sugar was manufactured during the middle ages and that’s when sweets really came about. Sugar was so expensive back then that it was reserved for the wealthy to have it on a special occasion as a treat. The very first real desserts, which we know as ice cream, came about sometime around 3000BC. The Chinese actually were the one’s who invented ice cream, but even then it was just really flavored ice instead of the ice cream we know today. Even though Marco Polo was the one who brought the ice cream making technique to Europe, it was really Catherine de Medici who made sorbet a fashion in Italy. At that point, flavored ice’s became what we know today as ice cream. Continue reading →

Easy Peasy Recipies

If you are like me you are a very, very busy person! Maybe you are a working mom or maybe even a busy stay at home mom with a lot of responsibilities. Either way, you are probably very tired at the end of the day and don’t really feel like cooking a big dinner. Well, I have some recipes that are delicious and the great part is they are so simple to put together and ready to eat in just a manner of minutes.

1. Chicken Quesadillas
Two medium chicken breast
One package of tortilla’s
One bell pepper
One white onion
Slice of cheese of your choice
One Tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil
Optional: mushrooms and spinach

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Kids In The Kitchen

child in kitchenDo you have kids that are picky eaters? I know I do, and some
times the only way I can get them to eat is to make cooking fun! A good way to make food entertaining for them is to take them to the grocery store and let them choose some foods for themselves. I know interacting kids with shopping and cooking can be challenging but it will be well worth the extra time in the end.

A lot of messes can happen when you put kids in the kitchen, I know because I have three little angels myself. The biggest thing that seems to be a magnet for kids and food is carpet! I can’t even count the time’s we’ve had to call our local carpet cleaner because something had been spilled on the carpet and left a big stain that we just couldn’t get out. By the way, our local carpet cleaner does an excellent job at getting all those little messes up. So yes, kids in the kitchen are challenging but, there is a lot a child can learn by being in the kitchen.

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Get Ready, Get Set, Cook

In case you don’t know what cooking is, cooking is the practice or skill of preparing food by combining, mixing or heating ingredients so one can eat it. Before you get started cooking let me give you some basic cooking tips.

  1. It’s all about prep. One of the things that have helped with taking the stress from cooking is doing a lot of the prep work before hand. It’s just kinda nice to have everything laid out in order so you are not running around like a chicken with his head cut off looking for the right stuff. Measuring out the right measurements in a bowl so that you can just grab it and go is a good idea also.
  2. Remeber! The smaller chocolate chip cookiesthe item, the higher the temp needs to be. For example for cookies, you wanna cook on a high temp at about 400 or 450, as for a casserole, you would wanna cook at about 350 or so. If you do this you will always have the perfect end result.
  3. You want to also store all spices and herbs in a cool, dry place. If you put them on the counter or above the stove the heat and light will make them lose their flavor.
  4. Freezing already prepared food. Won’t it be nice to just go to the freezer and be able to pull a bag out, heat it up and just eat it? Well, you can, just put that extra food in freezer bags and store it for later use. I’m telling ya that come in handy when you have had a busy day out with the kids. Continue reading →

Welcome to my new cooking blog

breadFood! Food! Food! That’s a word that everyone knows and loves! How food is cooked and seasoned plays a big role in how to make your food look and taste yummy. So how did cooking come about? Cooking has been around for a very long time and continues to be a big part of our society today. It started out that some would just boil water to purify it so that they could clean their dishes but soon boiling become a method of cooking, used for canning and pickling. One of the main things people started using cooking for was preservation but cooking has quickly become a form of creativity and entertaining for people today. Cooking has become so much part of our everyday living that there are classes you can take to better your learning and understanding about it. Some people enjoy cooking so much they have made it their career!

Using recipes is a good way to get familiar with cooking and bring new, bright idea’s into food making to make those taste buds do a little dance. There are recipes everywhere! The web, cookbooks, family, friends, the list could go on and on. Anyhow, it doesn’t take much looking to find some recipes that can send your spirits soaring. If you just Google”recipes” you will find that you have a wide variety of different recipes and how to prepare them. A lot of recipes have been created by someone who made cooking a hobby and was talented enough just to throw things together and make it look and taste great. Cooking doesn’t have to be hard! There are millions of delicious easy, simple recipes in the world today that can be made in just a matter of minutes. So roll up your sleeves and get creative, cooking can be fun!
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