Hi there, welcome to my new cooking blog. For all of you who have a passion for cooking and baking, you have come to the right place. I want to share with you some of my experiences and how I came to enjoy my time in the kitchen and appreciate the ones who taught me how to cook that good old homestyle way. If you love homestyle cooking take a seat and get all comfy because you will feel right at home here. If you’re like me, you like eating as much as you do cooking so I’m here to you give you some ideas on how to make a meal look and taste great!

So you wanna know more about me? Maybe you are wondering who in the world is this person? Can she even cook? Well here’s a little bit about me. My name is Susan I was born and raised deep in the woods of Arkansas. I am 28 years old and enjoy spending time with family, sewing, singing (not that I’m any good at it), eating (which I’m very good at lol) and cooking! I am a busy mother of three awesome children and am happily married to a wonderful, hard-working man. After 7 years of trying to please my husbands taste buds, I have finally succeeded. And am well on my way to being a great cook!

My passion for cooking started when I met a wonderful neighbour lady who was raised by a family during the great depression. Being from that kind of day and age she was taught to make due with what little they had and how to make it taste great thus inspiring me to share with you what she has taught me. So after many years of trials and effort, I am happy so say I have learned to make my meals taste and look as great as hers.

The recipes that I’m gonna share with you are meals I have enjoyed cooking for my family and they have enjoyed eating them. Some of them have been passed down in my family from generation to generation, some from friends, and some I have thrown together myself.

Some of our favorite meal have come from recipe books and some I got while browsing online. I hope you enjoy these meals as much as my family and I have!