Sweet Cooking

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strawberry cakeDesserts have become one of America’s favorite foods. I know it’s my favorite food! Desserts come in many different shapes, flavors, and colors. Making sweets for my family is probably one of the most enjoyable things to do. Not only do I love seeing their face when they taste it but that big yum mmm sound coming from their lips puts a big smile on my face. I love making sweet so much that I would ask my best friend who’s husband works for http://www.fortsmithpressurewash.com to come over once a week and we would do nothing but make sweets for our family.

Desserts have been around for a long time. In ancient times, people would enjoy fruit’s or nut’s drizzled with honey for a dessert. In fact, this was considered the first candy. O how times have changed! Sugar was manufactured during the middle ages and that’s when sweets really came about. Sugar was so expensive back then that it was reserved for the wealthy to have it on a special occasion as a treat. The very first real desserts, which we know as ice cream, came about sometime around 3000BC. The Chinese actually were the one’s who invented ice cream, but even then it was just really flavored ice instead of the ice cream we know today. Even though Marco Polo was the one who brought the ice cream making technique to Europe, it was really Catherine de Medici who made sorbet a fashion in Italy. At that point, flavored ice’s became what we know today as ice cream.

There are many many different types of desserts today. Pie’s, cake’s, cookies, pudding, the list goes on and on. Most of the desserts as we know them chocolate pudding and icecreamtoday first started out as a savory food and not a sweet. For instants pie was originally stuffed with fillings such as meats or vegetables. Many American’s liked to make pie’s a lot because the pastry was heavy and could be made to stretch into bigger meals to fill more bellies. Pretty soon fruit, such as apples, peaches, and cherry’s were being put into the pastries to be a filling, making one of the delicious desserts we eat today. Custards and puddings were also known as a savory food just by simply soaking bread with various leftover food such as meats and spices. Gingerbread was one of the main desserts made by soaking bread crumbs in spices and honey. Who knew that such amazing desserts would be made just by throwing simple ingredients together and adding a little bit of sugar. The history of desserts is truly captivating to me. When tracing the history you can see where delicious recipes were created by just exploring idea’s and ingredients.