Kids In The Kitchen

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child in kitchenDo you have kids that are picky eaters? I know I do, and some
times the only way I can get them to eat is to make cooking fun! A good way to make food entertaining for them is to take them to the grocery store and let them choose some foods for themselves. I know interacting kids with shopping and cooking can be challenging but it will be well worth the extra time in the end.

A lot of messes can happen when you put kids in the kitchen, I know because I have three little angels myself. The biggest thing that seems to be a magnet for kids and food is carpet! I can’t even count the time’s we’ve had to call our local carpet cleaner because something had been spilled on the carpet and left a big stain that we just couldn’t get out. By the way, our local carpet cleaner does an excellent job at getting all those little messes up. So yes, kids in the kitchen are challenging but, there is a lot a child can learn by being in the kitchen.

Things kids can learn while in the kitchen:
Think about it, when you cook you do a lot of adding and subtracting. That’s right, it can become like a lesson in school. You may want to double a recipe or half the recipe, that child can learn how to add or subtract while learning the greatness of cooking. If they are smaller children that are too young to add or subtract they can learn their numbers by simply using a measuring cup to measure the right amount of ingredients for the recipe. So you see they can learn a lot when you put them in the kitchen at a young age, not to mention what great cooks they may become.